"More than grateful": Arturo's Remarkable Recovery

Arturo and Dr. GalvezToday, Arturo Alvarez is a happy 11-year-old boy who loves to play with his friends and family.

But behind his bright smile is a remarkable story of courage and recovery.

In early 2019, Arturo was in a car accident and suffered a severe facial injury which required surgery. Valley Children’s pediatric plastic surgery specialist Dr. Michael Galvez is the pediatric craniofacial surgeon who reconstructed Arturo’s face.

“In Arturo’s case, the fractures were displaced, meaning that the bony structure was off place, and so if you were to leave it like that, he would be disfigured,” Dr. Galvez said.

To correct the displacement, Arturo underwent two surgeries. His family describes his recovery as “remarkable.” Arturo’s mother refers to Dr. Galvez as her hero and expresses her appreciation to the entire plastic surgery team: “I think I’m more than grateful. I have no words to describe the service that they gave my son. How nice they were with me and my whole family. And I love them. I love them. I love them,” she said.

Dr. Galvez doesn’t consider himself a hero: “I think it’s part of our job. It’s what we sign up for, to be helpful.”


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