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Nursing Governance and Leadership

Valley Children's framework of participatory governance promotes quality patient/family care and a professional practice environment for nurses to govern the practice of nursing and promote interprofessional collaboration across the continuum of care.

Photo of Vicky Tilton, Executive Director of Inpatient Services and Assistant CNO at Valley Children's Healthcare"There is a commitment to being the best,- an appreciation for the opportunity to be a part of this team and this organization, and a grateful heart that takes pride in knowing that a parent entrusts us with their most precious possession, their child… our patient."

- Vicky Tilton, DNP, RN, Vice President of Patient Care Services, Chief Nursing Officer


Learn more about each council and committee involved in nursing governance at Valley Children's Healthcare and their specific roles and responsibilities by clicking on an option below.

The Executive Nursing Council provides leadership and oversight for the governance of nursing services at Valley Children's Healthcare. Areas of accountability include nursing governance, quality, advocacy and recognition.

The Nurse Practitioner Council determines the practice of nurse practitioners at Valley Children's Healthcare, including development and approval of Standardized Procedures, Scope of Practice/Delineation, and promotion and management of advanced practice nursing.

The Practice Council determines the standard of nursing care at Valley Children's Healthcare, including development, approval, and implementation of evidence-based nursing standards, promoting and managing scope of practice, addressing opportunities to enhance nursing practice and supporting new product evaluation.

The Leadership Council provides strategic direction for nursing services for all settings in which nursing is practiced at Valley Children's Healthcare, including the nursing strategic plan, L.E.G.A.C.Y. Care Delivery Model, nursing engagement and nursing practice operational opportunities impacting nursing over multiple settings.

The Professional Development Council facilitates and promotes preceptor development, certification preparation, clinical advancement program consultation, nursing scholarships process and academic progression.

The Interprofessional Research Council promotes and supports the understanding and effective use of research and scholarly activities to enhance the provision of evidence-based nursing care.

The Informactics council is an interprofessional council which integrates practice science, computer science and information science to manage and communicate data, information, knowledge and wisdom in practice. The council supports patient care enhancements and patient safety by optimizing information management and communication.

The Patient and Family Advisory Council is an interprofessional council comprised of parent advisors, executives and various Valley Children's Healthcare representatives who recognize, promote and support patient and family-centered care to improve quality and delivery of care to all patients and family at Valley Children's Healthcare.

The Ambulatory Professional Practice Council is an interprofessional council which determines the standard of patient care in ambulatory settings at Valley Children's Healthcare, including development, approval and implementation of evidenced-based standards of care, promoting and managing scope of practice and addressing opportunities to enhance practice, operational efficiencies and patient care activities. The Council develops and promotes clinical performance improvement initiatives, identifies educational needs, develops and reinforces patient and staff safety practices and education.

Unit-based councils support the provision of care and professional practice. Unit-based councils guide practice, recruitment and retention, quality, safety and professional development activities.

  • Nursing Peer Review Committee
  • Restraint Subcommittee
  • Nursing Sedation Subcommittee
  • Magnet® Steering Committee
  • Magnet® Outcomes Committee
  • Magnet® Cultural Readiness Committee
  • Customer Service Committee
  • Patient & Family Centered Care Committee
  • Cultural and Linguistic Access Steering Committee in Action (CLAS-A)
  • Patient & Family Education Committee