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Preparing for Your Baby

Before anyone can see the bump on your belly, you should have a BUMP in your bag.

A Baby Urgent Medical Plan (BUMP) prepares you for bumps in the road with easy access to critical information.

While most pregnancies progress along the anticipated course, some take an unexpected turn. Sometimes prenatal diagnostic testing uncovers medical problems that must be addressed immediately upon delivery.

If your baby needs special medical attention from a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), your BUMP will clarify your wishes and help ensure you receive the best care.

Valley Children’s recommends that you: 

  • Print our BUMP form
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Place it in your handbag

If your baby is admitted at a Valley Children’s NICU, he or she will have access to doctors and newborn care subspecialists frequently involved in treating congenital anomalies, including even the most complex heart defects.

While some newborns need a neonatologist, all babies need a pediatrician.

Not all pediatricians take babies with special care needs, so keep this in mind when developing your BUMP. We encourage you to take great care when choosing a pediatrician or family doctor. As your child grows, you’ll appreciate the benefits of maintaining a solid and positive relationship with a doctor you trust. We work with your pediatrician to ensure the continuation of quality care for your infant.

If you need help finding a pediatrician during your baby’s NICU stay, your case manager can assist you.