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Quote from founding mother Carolyn Peck

Who We Are - Our History

In 1949 a group of civic-minded women saw a need for a dedicated pediatric hospital in our Valley. As these five women moved forward with their vision of creating a "hospital for children only," so emerged the idea of a guild system. Since their inception, the Guilds have been a vital part of Valley Children's.

The Guilds have two primary objectives: to raise financial support and develop ongoing community support for Valley Children's. It was through the fundraising efforts of the original Guilds that Valley Children's Hospital was constructed in 1952 at its original site.

Today, our Guilds are the largest financial contributors, having raised over $30 million, net.

Our Founding Mothers

We honor our founding mothers and thank them for their vision of establishing Valley Children's Healthcare, which cares for 1.3 million children in our service area.

Valley Children's founding mothers

All Guild Picnic: A Time-Honored Tradition

As a way to celebrate the annual funds raised by the Guilds, at the end of each calendar year, the Guilds hold the time-honored "All Guild Picnic" and present a check to Valley Children's.

This event takes place each year on the fourth Wednesday of May, and all Guild members are encouraged to attend.

Guild Coordinating Council

Each Guild is its own 501c3, established for the specific purpose to support Valley Children's Healthcare. To ensure the Guilds are fully informed about Valley Children's, in 1949, the Coordinating Council was established. Since then, the Council meets quarterly with a representative from each Guild serving as a Board Member. The Board Member is the key liaison in reporting Valley Children's information back to their Guild.