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Tenaya Guild (1950)

On May 26, 1950, a group of Chowchilla ladies met in a library basement and formed a small club for the purpose of supporting the Valley's need for a dedicated children's hospital.

Fundraising began humbly with rummage and food sales. Later, they sold raffle tickets for a chance to win a knit dress, a calf and a Toyota. Eventually, the group progressed to host large dinners, dinner dances, and boutiques.

In the first and second years of fundraising, they donated just $400 to Valley Children's Hospital. So, with 13 members and $30 in the bank, the ladies decided that it was time to either sink or swim, and planned an extravagant Monte Carlo Night. The event was a huge success, raising more than $2,000 for Valley Children's Hospital.

On October 18, 1950, the ladies sent a letter to Valley Children’s Hospital stating that a new guild – named the Tenaya Guild – would be formed with 16 charter members, becoming an original 13 Guild.

Tenaya Guild has several fundraising events: a Brunch & Fashion Show, a Rummage Sale and a Christmas Party. Membership is open to all in the Chowchilla area.