Multidisciplinary Approach for Improved Diagnostic and Treatment Outcomes

As one of the largest pediatric healthcare networks in the nation, Valley Children’s Healthcare provides Central California’s only high-quality, comprehensive care exclusively for children, from before birth to young adulthood.

Valley Children’s is the only provider of inpatient and outpatient pediatric cancer and blood diseases services in the entire Central California region.

Our multidisciplinary team works together for each patient, making diagnostic and treatment decisions for improved outcomes. Our team includes the full range of pediatric subspecialty care – all in one convenient location. Some of the specialty care involved in cancer and blood diseases diagnosis and treatment include:

  • Pediatric surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Neurology
  • Physiatry
  • Radiology

The exceptional depth and breadth of child- and family-centered services help your patients overcome cancer and improve their quality of life.

Improved Cancer Therapies at Valley Children’s with Increased Survivorship

Cancer therapies have dramatically improved over the past 30 years. Today, an estimated 85 percent of children treated for cancer will become long-term survivors. But the very same treatments that cure cancer patients put them at risk for long-term health problems. The Valley Children's Childhood Cancer Survivorship Program helps these patients prepare for a brighter future. The program provides a comprehensive evaluation of the cancer survivor’s health and academic and social development, as well as patient education about their diagnosis, treatment, potential late effects and health maintenance. Clinical program coordinators collect data and contact survivors for follow-up clinical trials to evaluate long-term health effects of childhood cancer treatments. This beneficial feedback helps improve treatments for all children.

Many Outpatient Services Available at Valley Children’s Oncology Center

To reduce children’s stress and discomfort, we make every effort to treat them on an outpatient basis. The outpatient oncology center has multiple exam and treatment rooms and an infusion center. To make the environment more comfortable for children undergoing tests and procedures, the infusion center has a play area and a Child Life Specialist available to provide play therapy.

Treatments performed at our outpatient oncology center include:

  • Chemotherapy infusions
  • Blood transfusions
  • Bone marrow aspirations and biopsies
  • Lumbar punctures
  • Administration of chemotherapy into the cerebrospinal fluid

Starship Craycroft Inpatient Oncology Unit

When an inpatient stay is necessary, Starship Craycroft provides a welcoming atmosphere for children of all ages. The unit features private rooms, each with a high-efficiency filter system to protect patients with weakened immune systems, restroom facilities and accommodations for overnight family stays. All rooms have televisions, with in-room movies and video games on demand. Free onsite parking and RV hook-ups are also convenient for family members.

In addition to the procedures and treatments performed in the outpatient center, we offer inpatient care to children who:

  • Have an acute illness in addition to their form of cancer
  • Need more intensive chemotherapy
  • Need numerous transfusions
  • Are just beginning their cancer treatment
  • Have an acute illness because of their weakened immune system