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Meet Dr. Vonda Crouse

Published on Oct. 05, 2020

After 33 years, pediatric hematologist/oncologist Dr. Vonda Lee Crouse is no stranger to what makes Valley Children’s such a special place to work. In fact, it’s the amazing Valley Children’s team and mission that brought her here to begin with.

“There are kind, capable people everywhere in this pretty building,” says Dr. Crouse. “It makes me proud to work here.”

Dr. Crouse moved from Denver Children’s Hospital back to California after her father became sick. After looking at six job opportunities, she interviewed at Valley Children’s, met some of the wonderful staff, and the rest is history.

“I interviewed with Dr. Kassel in pathology,” explains Dr. Crouse. “He introduced me to Syl Bryan in the emergency department, David Hodge in pediatric surgery and Charlie Smith in radiology. I was HOOKED! I accepted the job offer, a loud beeper and my first desk in the plant administrative [office] across the street from the Valley Children’s emergency department.”

While the team and staff might have brought Dr. Crouse to Valley Children’s, it’s truly the patients that have kept her here.

“I’ve met so many gifted parents who bring their sick kids to us,” shared Dr. Crouse. “I’m overwhelmed with the number of children who have grown up in our oncology practice, and remember everything we said to them over the course of their treatment. The updates from grandparents, fathers, mothers, siblings and patients years later are quite gratifying!”