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Tips for Celebrating Safely This Halloween

Published on Oct. 28, 2021

Happy Halloween!

As a parent on Halloween, there are so many decisions to make. Considering how to trick-or-treat safely, where to go and what costume to choose, all during the era of COVID, can be overwhelming! Let’s go over some helpful ways to stay safe this Halloween.

While trick-or-treating, children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult. If your child is mature enough to go without their guardian, make sure to stick to a planned and well-lit route with a trusted group of friends. Before they leave, make sure to agree on a specific meet up time and that they have a way of contacting you in case of emergency.

It is best to stay on the sidewalk or walking paths. Remember to obey traffic signals and to cross at corners, never between parked cars. As always, look both ways before you cross the street and make eye contact with drivers before passing in front of stopped cars. Be extra careful about cars backing out of driveways or turning at intersections. As an adult or if you are a parent of a new teenage driver, it is a great reminder to stay especially cautious and eliminate distractions while driving. Remember, our kids are counting on us, so let’s keep an eye out for them.

Be Safe, Be Seen  Walk Safely  Drive Safely 
Stay safe this Halloween by following these guidelines from Safe Kids Central California!

When choosing your Halloween costumes, it is best to choose a light colored or reflective design. If it isn’t part of the costume already, you can always add reflective tape. Be sure to take flashlights with fresh batteries; light sticks can be a fun treat and a safe option as well. It is best to avoid loose or billowing costumes that can get caught on sharp surfaces. Some Halloween accessories can be sharp, too, so keep in mind to be careful with swords, canes, sticks, or your little Jedi’s lightsaber! If possible, foam/felt/soft materials are best. If your baby is celebrating their first Halloween, it might also be a good idea to have a plan B costume in case of a diaper accident!

Finally, of course, the best way to keep our kids safe from the viruses we can’t see – including the virus that causes COVID-19 – is by keeping vaccinations up to date. Stick with outdoor trick-or-treating, and if your children do attend an indoor event, be sure everyone wears a mask and keeps physically distanced.  Halloween is a fun time-honored tradition that we love to share with our kids. Let’s do what we can to keep them safe and make memories to last a lifetime!

About the Author

Dr. Adriana Etcheverry is a member of Valley Children’s Pediatric Residency Program Class of 2024. She advocates for a child’s “whole health,” acknowledging that well-being involves a person’s mind, body and spirit. “When the patient, family and care team work together with a bond of mutual respect, we can create the ideal healing environment for our children who deserve the best,” says Dr. Etcheverry.