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The Importance of Giving Tuesday

Published on Dec. 01, 2020

As a society, we’re familiar with the days of consumerism that seamlessly transition Thanksgiving into the holiday season. We count down the days until Black Friday sales, which now seem to extend through the entire month of November; we’re familiar with Small Business Saturday, where we are encouraged to support our favorite local shops; and Cyber Monday, where we get the best bang for our buck by just shopping from our couch.

But what is Giving Tuesday, and why should anyone care?

Giving Tuesday was officially created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good -- a day to help a stranger, volunteer at a local non-profit or advocate for an issue you care about. It’s the idea that everyone has something to give and after days of shopping, there should be a day focused on simply giving.

In the world of 2020, the concept of Giving Tuesday might seem impractical – giving in a world where jobs and income have been impacted, where grocery stores are running thin on supplies, where gathering in person requires masks and six feet of distance. While the impacts of 2020 may make a day of giving seem pointless, the ideals behind the international day of giving might be more important this year than ever.

When times seem discouraging, it’s important to remember: be a nice human. That can be as simple as holding the door for someone, sharing positive feedback to a coworker, telling a family member you love them, wearing a mask in public, giving up a few hours in your weekend to volunteer, or buying an extra toy to donate. Each of these are examples of giving, and every door held and positive word shared adds a little positivity back into the universe -- something vital this year.

So this Giving Tuesday, I encourage each of you to participate in one act of giving. If you’re looking for ideas, maybe an idea that gives directly to Valley Children’s, there are a variety of ways to do so:

  • Give Dollars: Every dollar donated to Valley Children’s helps bring the best pediatric doctors and most innovative technology right here to the Central Valley. Donate directly here.
  • Give Voice: Follow us on social media, share our Giving Tuesday posts and encourage your friends to participate in the day of giving.
  • Give Goods: Purchase an item on our Child Life Amazon shopping list to be gifted to children who are staying here at our hospital.
  • Give Kindness: Thank a Valley Children’s staff member for their tireless efforts to keep the kids in our Valley safe.

After each act of giving, I hope your heart feels a little fuller and your step feels a little lighter. Because at the end of the day, each act of giving makes the world a little better and brighter.

Written by Jordan King, Valley Children's marketing specialist