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Splashing into Summer: 3 Healthy Summer Nutrition Tips

Published on Jun. 05, 2024

Summer is right around the corner, which often means hotter weather, no school and more time spent outside. The summertime also brings new opportunities to teach your children about nutrition. Whether it's learning how to make healthier choices or keeping a balanced diet all summer long, we encourage you to use these tips below to help make your child’s summer a nutritious one!  


Shop for the season!  

The summer has many fruits and vegetables in season that are a great addition to meals. In the Central Valley, stone fruits like peaches are one of the most accessible and versatile fruits in season. Try adding them cut up into a fruit salad or blending them into a smoothie!  


Get your kids involved in mealtime!  

Summer is a great way to start introducing your children to the kitchen. After reviewing kitchen safety tips like these examples from the American Academy of Pediatrics with your child, invite them to help in the kitchen. When kids are involved in the process of making food, it makes them more excited to eat the final product. Try making something like this fruit pizza utilizing summer fruit!  


Choose foods that fuel and hydrate!  

In the summer, it is important to stay hydrated. In addition to drinking enough water, try choosing foods that are also hydrating. Foods like cucumber and watermelon are water-filled foods that are not only nutritious, but can help keep you hydrated as temperatures rise.  


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