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Celebrating the Spirit of Giving

Published on Nov. 29, 2021

Smiling childWith the holiday season nearly upon us, many of us naturally reflect on the past year and all of its joys, challenges, laughter and tears. As I look back, like most people, there have been a fair share of obstacles brought on by the pandemic. Yet my heart is overwhelmingly filled with gratitude because there are so many people to celebrate and thank who have done so much for others during this challenging time.

I have profound appreciation – and I suspect you do, too – for my clinical colleagues who have heroically helped kids during the pandemic, including the more than 2,600 kids who have been treated for COVID-19 here at Valley Children’s, and the more than 166,000 children who came to Valley Children’s in the past year for other conditions. The doctors, nurses and other clinicians who continue to address the medical needs of our community’s children and grandchildren amid extraordinarily challenging circumstances deserve so much more than the simple “thank you” that I can offer here.

I also have such gratitude for the courage demonstrated each day by our patients and their families. We have the privilege at Valley Children’s of seeing kids bravely face diagnoses that bring adults to their knees. Families provide their children with steadfast support in those challenging moments, facing their own unimaginable fears for their own kids’ well-being while tenderly being the caregiver their children need. In no other setting would you see this incredible blend of courage and compassion that inspires all of us at Valley Children’s to do what we do.

Lastly, I would be remiss not to express my overwhelming gratitude for the tens of thousands of Central Valley residents who have generously donated over the past year to make possible the miracles that occur every day at Valley Children’s. We never forget that your generosity enables us to serve one in eight Central Valley kids annually. Your giving helps Valley Children’s bring healing and hope to sick and injured children: I know of few causes nobler than that.

Please know that we are incredibly grateful for your continued generosity that enables us to remain focused on our precious mission to continually improve the health and well-being of children. For that, we cannot thank you enough.


Warmest regards,

Robert V. Saroyan
Valley Children’s Healthcare Foundation


About the Author

Rob Saroyan is president of Foundation. In his role, he leads the Valley Children’s Healthcare Foundation. Rob, a California native, is a graduate of the University of Southern California. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his young son, traveling throughout the world and meeting new people.