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A Work of Heart: My Story of Volunteering as an Employee

Published on May 16, 2024

Being passionate about where you work goes even further for me. I have been a supporter of the mission of Valley Children’s for as long as I can remember and feel lucky to not only work here, but volunteer here as well.  

I became a Valley Children’s employee in February of 2022, and started formally volunteering with the Volunteer Program soon after. My volunteer journey started in 8th grade when I, like many kids in the Central Valley, volunteered to sell newspapers for Kids Day. I did it every year and felt especially close to the Valley Children's mission as my sister then became a patient at Valley Children’s.  

Going from volunteering to help patients to seeing my sister become one was something that greatly impacted me. Going through that experience is where I witnessed the level of patient care Valley Children’s provided, and it made my passion for the mission grow stronger. I knew that after the top-level care I witnessed my sister receive and seeing the impact volunteering with Kids Day every year achieves for patients, Valley Children’s would one day be “home” to me in both my employment and continued volunteer efforts.  

I love being a volunteer and employee at Valley Children’s. Seeing patients and interacting with them in both my roles is why I do what I do. Whether it is putting a smile on a patient’s face with a George visit or helping a NICU family take their baby home, I am proud to come to the hospital every day to share the values of our organization.  

- Anjelica Castaneda, Valley Children’s Employee and Volunteer 


Heart of Healthcare Week

Heart of Healthcare Week is a time for Valley Children's to celebrate our valued team members who work hard to fulfill our mission every day and have an immense amount of heart for this work. We take this time each year to recognize the unwavering dedication of our staff, physicians and volunteers to our patients and families who depend on us. To learn more about Valley Children's and our mission, click here.