Valley Children's started its telemedicine program in 2014 and is growing every year, with our ultimate goal of making sure that every child in the Central Valley has access to a Valley Children's provider within 30 minutes or 30 miles. We are proud to continually offer our patients new and innovative ways to access care. 

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the practice of remotely providing consultation, diagnosis and treatment to patients. This means that the patient and provider do not have to be physically in the same location, but can consult at a distance with the use of remote communication technology. In addition to being able to talk remotely with patients, Valley Children's providers use specialized diagnostic devices to examine patients remotely as well. These devices include an otoscope to look in the ear, stethoscope to listen to the heart and lungs and exam camera to look closely at the skin, eyes and mouth. Telemedicine provides best practice medical care and opportunities for patient education closer to their home.

The programs we offer at Valley Children's are expanding rapidly. We continue to add new clinical offerings and locations where we provide services.