Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program

Valley Children’s is committed to upholding the personal, religious or medical wishes of those who desire the use of alternatives to blood transfusion. Minimal blood loss options are available for those who wish to minimize the use of donor blood during medical and surgical procedures.

Doctors and surgeons participating in this program at Valley Children’s Hospital have a high level of expertise in minimizing the need for transfusions and a personal desire to help families requesting non-blood medical management for their child.

While the number of bloodless medicine and surgery programs in the United States has increased dramatically over the past decade, the programs continue to focus primarily on adults. Research in bloodless medicine and surgery, which has primarily focused on adults, shows patients enjoy a reduced length of stay, improved outcomes, and increased satisfaction when they receive bloodless medical and surgical protocols. The advanced techniques involved allow the patient to recover quicker with a decreased risk of infection. In addition, bloodless medicine is also cost effective.

Valley Children’s Hospital is the only independent pediatric hospital in the western United States to develop a bloodless program, making us unique in bringing advanced bloodless techniques to pediatric patients. The benefits that have been found effective for adults are now being applied to the care of children, and Valley Children’s Hospital is at the forefront of this advance.

For more information, please call the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program Coordinator at 559-353-5369.