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Transformative Care for Vascular Anomalies

The abnormal growth of blood vessels can happen just about anywhere on a child’s body. Often, you will hear vascular anomalies called birthmarks or vascular lesions. Some children are born with them. Other children may develop them shortly after birth.

Our expert pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgeons at Valley Children’s Healthcare believe in treating vascular anomalies, from the most simple to the most complex, with the power of a multidisciplinary team. Depending on your child’s condition, your care team might include additional specialists in genetic medicine, hematology, ENT, speech pathology and more.

Our specialists collaborate extensively to reach the right diagnosis and tailor the best treatment plan for your child and your family.  

Vascular Anomalies We Treat

Vascular malformations and hemangiomas  are among the most common blood vessel abnormalities we treat.

  • Hemangiomas are a common type of noncancerous skin growth that are not present at birth. Although they develop fast at first, they usually start to shrink as a child grows. Many hemangiomas go away on their own, but others may need specialized treatment because of early complications.
  • Vascular malformations are present at birth and generally tend to grow more slowly. They often require treatment because of potential late complications.

Our team is skilled in the treatment of any vascular lesions, including the most complex. There are many different types of vascular anomalies that involve every type of blood vessel, so there are many different treatment approaches. Our team may use surgery, laser therapy, injections, or medications to treat your child’s vascular malformation or hemangioma. If surgery is required, parents can rest assured that our presurgical planning will provide step-by-step detail that allows for efficient and optimal surgery – and improved recovery. 

For the most serious vascular anomalies, your child will be referred to a multidisciplinary team at Valley Children’s Healthcare. Together, this team of pediatric specialists will work with you to determine the best treatment for your child. Our team will provide expert care for a range of conditions, including:

  • Complicated hemangiomas
  • Deep venous malformation
  • Large lesions
  • Multiple small lesions
  • Severe facial deformity
  • Tracheal involvement

Our multidisciplinary expertise and teamwork ensure we address all facets of your child’s physical and emotional well-being in the care and treatment of vascular anomalies.

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