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Dupinderjit Bhangal, MD

Dr. Dupinderjit Bhangal, Class of 2025Hometown: Dinuba, CA

Medical School: Xavier University School of Medicine, Aruba

Why did you choose Valley Children’s Pediatric Residency Program?
I chose Valley Children’s Residency because having lived in Central California and other parts of California, I have seen the shortage of care in Central California compared to other parts. I have seen how important Valley Children’s is to the community. During my medical school rotation with Valley Children’s, I experienced their high quality of care for the children and the importance they give to the whole family involved in the care of the child. They make the environment feel like home for patients and staff.

Hobbies: I like to hike, kayak, swim, and watch Marvel and DC comics with my son and husband. I love to travel with my family and collect souvenirs and memories from around the world.

Advocacy and Research Interests and Accomplishments: I would like to make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to healthcare and make sure every child is able to obtain maximal potential by being mentally and physically fit. During medical school, I volunteered at a private clinic which provided free healthcare and medications to children of an underserved and impoverished community.

Care Philosophy: I believe that pediatricians are the most important building block to an individual’s overall wellness. If children get good preventative care and are encouraged to live healthy lifestyles from their primary care team, they will have better opportunities to flourish into strong adults. Therefore, it is important that every child get access to good healthcare.