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Nursing Professional Practice Model

The Valley Children’s Hospital Nursing Professional Practice Model (NPPM) demonstrates the integrated, interrelated relationship of the 12 components of the model, which weave around the patient and family at the core. The components are reflected on a contiguous ribbon with no beginning and no end. Each component is equally weighted, flexible and adaptable. All components must be present to maintain balance in the structure.

Valley Children's Nursing Professional Practice Model

A closer look at the model's 12 foundational elements:

  • Professional Values: Foundational beliefs of the organization and nursing services.
  • Theoretical Framework: Conceptual foundation that provides structure for nursing practice
  • Professional Practice: Structures, standards, and regulations that govern the practice of nursing.
  • Governance: Organizational structure for the oversight of nursing practice.
  • Collaborative Relationships: Partnerships between nursing and the patient/family, peers, the organization, academia and the community.
  • Care Delivery: The application of the nursing process to the provision of patient care within a defined model of care.
  • Outcomes: The achievement of measurable organization, patient, workforce and community outcomes through quality, safety and performance improvement processes.
  • Research/Evidence-based Practice: A culture of clinical inquiry that drives nursing research and results in evidence-based practice and sharing of new knowledge.
  • Professional Development: Programs that support professional advancement, ongoing education, national certification, succession planning and mentorship/precepting.
  • Reward and Recognition: Mechanisms to provide recognition of accomplishments and performance that support nursing practice.
  • Communication: Processes and methods that support the sharing, receiving and exchanging of ideas and information.
  • Operations: Management and leadership of programs and resources that support the provision of patient care and a professional practice environment.

Source citation: Adapted from Vermeltfoort, D, Dragomanovich, M, and Mountcastle, K. Common Components of Current Nursing Professional Practice Models in the Hospital Setting in the United States of America – A Qualitative Study.

Advancing Nursing Professional Practice

Two critical aspects of Valley Children's Nursing Professional Practice Model are governance and care delivery. The Nursing Professional Practice Model illustrates how these and other components contribute to the exceptional nursing care we provide, but let's dive deeper into the important roles nursing governance and care delivery play in nursing care at Valley Children's.


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