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NICU Parent to Parent Support

The strongest, most valuable support often comes from those who already walked your road.

NICU Parent Representative

The Parent Representative coordinates the Parent to Parent program, provides comfort and information that promotes family-centered care by providing peer to peer support, and connects parents of babies with similar concerns and medical issues. Megan Liang, NICU parent representative, is available to provide support to our parents and families.

These services available to all of our NICU parents and families, and are provided at Valley Children's Hospital Regional NICU in Madera.

Parent Lounge

This is a place just for moms and dads that have a baby in the NICU to take a break from the bedside, eat, use the internet or just have a moment to reflect.

Parent Chats

These sessions allow parents to talk with other parents who have had a baby in the NICU. Parent partners are volunteer parents who truly know what it is like to be in your shoes. They offer insight into their NICU experiences, answer questions and provide comfort and encouragement to parents during this difficult journey.

Parent TIME

During Parent TIME, we present topics related to parents and infants, encourage questions, share information and resources and provide support and encouragement to both current and graduate NICU parents. All NICU parents and families are invited to attend. Classes are held once a month.


Parent to Parent has a closed Facebook page for parents to connect to other parents who have gone through similar experiences. Parents can look for our page on Facebook to request an invitation to join or e-mail the NICU parent representative.