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Hypertonicity/Spasticity Clinic

Valley Children’s Hypertonicity/Spasticity Clinic provides specialty care for infants, children and adolescents until 22 years old. Our team of dedicated medical professionals cares for patients with conditions such as spasticity, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, strokes and congenital conditions.

Our Hypertonicity/Spasticity Clinic sees patients monthly. When pediatric patients come into our Hypertonicity/Spasticity Clinic, they receive a full functional assessment. Our rehabilitation team determines the best treatment plan for each patient, which can include oral and injectable anti-spasticity medications, physical therapy, baclofen pump and selective dorsal rhizotomy, tendon lengthening, tendon treatment, foot reconstruction and pelvic reconstruction.

We understand that patients who receive treatment through our Hypertonicity/Spasticity Clinic have conditions that need to be treated into their adult years. We work with our Young Adult and Transition Clinic to help patients transition into adulthood and help them take control of their health conversation. These discussions include transition assessments, tracking, monitoring and planning, transfer of care and ongoing care with adult clinicians. 

Referrals to the Hypertonicity/Spasticity Clinic

Urgent appointments are seen within three business days of the request or reviewed by a clinician within three business days to determine the most appropriate timeframe for an appointment. For established patients, appointments are scheduled in alignment with the patient’s plan of care. Click here more information about how to refer a patient to Valley Children's Hypertonicity/Spasticity Clinic.