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Physician Referral Guidelines

The Maternal Fetal Center strengthens the quality care you provide your patients.

We work in tandem with you to consult or, when needed, co-manage your patients. Women with pre-existing complications and/or high-risk pregnancies will particularly benefit from the complete continuum of care provided by the specialists at the Maternal Fetal Center.

If your patient with pre-existing conditions is planning a pregnancy…

consider referring her to the Maternal Fetal Center prior to conception. Our preconception counseling and testing services give women tools to prepare for a healthy pregnancy. Our board-certified geneticists also provide critical information and in-depth education to help potential parents make informed decisions.

If your patient has experienced recurrent pregnancy loss…

we offer services tailored to her deep needs. Women who suffer from multiple miscarriages learn the reasons from our medical professionals. We provide treatment before and after a patient with recurrent pregnancy loss conceives to help prevent future losses. The Maternal Fetal Center also offers a support group to help her through the grieving process.

If your patient is carrying a high-risk pregnancy…

we encourage you to call us the moment you identify a concern. We provide focused treatment and procedures to minimize a mother’s medical complications during pregnancy, and coordinate care with pediatric subspecialists equipped to manage the most complex cases. The moment a baby is diagnosed with a congenital issue, we assist parents in charting a course for treatment, follow-up and long-term care.

If you require that we admit your patient for antepartum care for maternal or fetal indications…

she will be admitted to the Saint Agnes Medical Center antepartum unit in Fresno and monitored by our maternal-fetal medicine specialists. Neonatal and pediatric subspecialists join the team when necessary to monitor and treat the infant.

If your patient’s newborn requires the highest levels of critical care upon delivery…

Valley Children’s transport team provides immediate air or ground transportation to the Level IV neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Valley Children’s Hospital. Upon arrival to Central California’s only Level IV NICU, your patient’s baby will be cared for by board-certified neonatologists who consult with newborn care subspecialists to support the vast array of care that may be required. For example, Valley Children’s is the one place in our region equipped to perform complex cardiac surgery for single ventricle malformations. Our cardiothoracic surgery team represents just one of many specialized neonatal surgical teams available at Valley Children’s Hospital.

Our collaborative approach helps protect the health of the mother and ensure the most favorable outcome for the baby.

Upon referral, our maternal-fetal medicine specialists come alongside you to co-manage the most complex cases and provide direct access to the region’s most comprehensive team of board-certified neonatal and pediatric subspecialists.

Our goal is to call your patient to schedule an appointment within 48 hours of referral. If you require, the Maternal Fetal Center at Valley Children’s can see your patient in many cases directly following her visit at your office.

We look forward to partnering with you.

For your convenience, you may access our referral forms online.