Windows Full Client Instructions

Windows VPN Setup Procedures

  1. First time users will need to install the appropriate VMware client.
    VMware View Client - Windows
    • Choose Run, Click Next->
    • Accept license agreement, click next->
    • Use the default features, click Next->
    • Important:  type in the default connection server
    • Accept all defaults and click Next-> until finished.
  2. First time users will also need to install the VPN client.
    F5 VPN Software
    • Choose Run
    • Click Next->Install->Finish
  3. After Installation, A reboot will be required.
  4. Locate and launch the Big-IP Edge Client under All Programs in the Windows Start menu. The authentication website will automatically open, prompting you for your credentials once you click the connect button. VMWare will also automatically open for you.
  5. Enter in the Select Server text box for the Big-IP Edge Client.

**PDF Instructions