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Our Pediatric Gastroenterology Services

We bring together experts to deliver family-centered care and excellent outcomes for a range of common and complex gastrointestinal conditions. Our pediatric gastroenterologists oversee focused programs, utilizing minimally invasive procedures whenever possible.

Our Programs

Advanced Endoscopy: Treatments using endoscopic retrograde colangiopancreatography (ERCP) are very rare for children. Our physicians have been specially trained on ERCP to examine the ductal system of the gallbladder, pancreas or liver and do therapeutic treatments of obstructed ducts in newborns and children.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinic: Designed to optimize care, the IBD clinic is dedicated to providing comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services to children suffering from diseases of the digestive tract. This exclusive focus promotes specialized care with support groups for families as they manage the ongoing and recurring medical conditions common to most IBD patients. Dietitians, nurses, and social workers are also in the clinic. We are part of a national program called Improved Care Now, a collaborative community where clinicians, researchers, parents and patients continuously bring more reliable, proactive IBD care for healthier children.

Liver Disease Clinic: In a combined clinic with Stanford University School of Medicine, we diagnose and provide treatment for liver disease. Liver transplants are performed at Stanford, while follow-up treatments are at Valley Children’s.

General Diagnostic GI: We offer evaluation and treatment for common GI-related problems such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, reflux, colic, food allergies, feeding and swallowing difficulties and nausea. Our gastroenterologists, dietitians, nurses and social workers provide treatment and nutrition counseling for patients.

GI Motility Center: Our pediatric gastroenterology team can diagnose and treat severe forms of constipation through advanced procedures such as colonic and anorectal manometry. These procedures help find the cause of a child’s motility disorder, such as constipation, stool accidents or other rare bowel problems.

Obesity and Weight Management Clinic: Our multidisciplinary team of pediatric gastroenterologists, interventional gastroenterologists, dietitians, psychologists and social workers offer weight management plans and solutions to help with childhood obesity. We offer weight loss strategies, dietary plans, exercise programs and behavior modification as well as gastric balloon procedures for extreme cases.