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Current Epilepsy Trainings for Schools

Valley Children's Epilepsy Support Program offers several trainings for school personnel who wish to learn more about epilepsy and how to support students who have epilepsy. Each training (offered in-person or virtually) is tailored to the requesting group's needs and roles.

  • LVN/RN Detailed Seizure Training - A two-hour detailed seizure training for Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN) and Registered Nurses (RN). In this training for school-based medical professionals, our team provides detailed information on caring for children with epilepsy in the school setting. Continuing Education credits are available. 

  • School Personnel and Teachers - A one-hour discussion to help create an optimal learning environment for children with epilepsy. The importance of academic and social accommodations, tools and strategies to use in the classroom, as well as the importance of recognizing and understanding the mental health needs of children who have epilepsy will be addressed. Trainings for all academic ages are available. First aid steps and practice can be included if requested.

  • In-Classroom Training - A 45-minute interactive session meant to reduce the stigma of epilepsy and promote acceptance on school campuses. When staff is knowledgeable about epilepsy and can respond appropriately to a student having a seizure, the uncertainty and fear common among other students in the classroom can be reduced. This quick interaction will address simple epilepsy definitions as well as bust common myths in order to reduce stigma and promote support through education. A book reading and craft can be provided for younger audiences.

  • On-Demand Seizure Recognition and First Aid Training for School Personnel - This on-demand virtual training from Epilepsy Alliance America provides teachers and school staff the opportunity to advance their knowledge of the basics of epilepsy, including how to recognize common seizure types, treatment options (including how to administer rescue medications), and their possible impact on student learning. This training is conducted by Epilepsy Alliance American and is available virtually, 24/7, on their website. Click here to learn more and register >>


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