Disney delivers comfort and joy to families with children facing serious illness by reimagining the patient and family experience in children’s hospitals. This program comes to life by providing patients and families with special opportunities for shared experiences, exploration and play.

Teams across the company, including our world-renowned Walt Disney Imagineers, worked with a global network of experts to identify unique experiences Disney could provide that would ease the fear and anxiety of a hospital stay.

Magic Windows
Gaze through a Magic Window for a mesmerizing view into the worlds of beloved stories.
Character Ceiling Tiles
Visually stunning art that draws the imagination into the vibrant worlds of Disney’s storytelling.
Play Spaces
Designed to encourage free play and socialization without the use of technology, these imaginative, inviting spaces allow kids to interact and make new friends.
Magic Art
Delightful digital screens spark to life with favorite characters who deliver fun, animated, inspirational messages.
Disney-Themed Starlight Gowns
Featuring characters from Disney’s beloved stories, these gowns are a comforting alternative to plain hospital wear – giving patients a sense of the familiar so their hospital stays are less intimidating.
Care Packages
Filled with fun activities and keepsakes such as room decals, journals and playing cards, the curated care packages allow children to personalize their hospital rooms.
Disney Team of Heroes App
Loaded with games, interactive tales, animated character encounters, augmented reality and more, the free app helps bring favorite characters to life.
Mobile Movie Theater
The mobile movie theater delivers an immersive movie experience and creates special moments for patients and families while at the hospital.
Disney Movie Moments and Disney+
One-of-a-kind program delivering new movies that are still in theaters, as well as other favorites from our Disney library, to children’s hospitals.
Disney Deliveries
Toys, books, and games that provide a bit of joy to the hospital — bringing children and families together.