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Childhood Cancer Survivorship Annual Conference

Join us Saturday, Sept. 30 at Valley Children's Hospital for the 8th Annual Fall Childhood Cancer Survivorship Conference, featuring keynote speaker Michelle Marks, LLS advocacy volunteer and parent. This year's theme is "Embracing Change, Once Step at a Time."

8th Annual Survivorship Conference
Saturday, Sept. 30, 2023
Valley Children's Hospital, Room G150
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

About the Conference: The Annual Childhood Cancer Survivorship Conference is a free event hosted by The Fresno Truck Center Childhood Cancer Survivorship Program, a program of Valley Children's Cancer and Blood Disorder Center in partnership with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, for childhood cancer survivors, family members and healthcare professionals. 


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Keynote Speaker
Dr. Faisal Razzaqi

Survivor Story
Anthony, Valley Children’s Childhood Cancer Survivor


7 Times Down, 8 Times Up
Keynote Speaker—Jocelyn Alsdorf, MSN, RN-BC

Survivor Story
Angie Garcia, Valley Children’s Childhood Cancer Survivor

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Joan Dimino, Valley Children’s Childhood Cancer Survivor Parent