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Celebrating our Volunteers

Published on Jan. 01, 0001

Every April, Valley Children’s honors our volunteers who take the time to help support the entire organization by serving in a variety of roles, all of which are instrumental in delivering quality care and services to the patients and families that Valley Children’s serves.  

Join us this April as we highlight a few of the volunteers who not only help us in our mission but dedicate the time to being the best for our patients.  

Meet Hayley   

Hayley is one of our patient pals who engages with patients and siblings of all ages to provide opportunities for age-appropriate play and socialization. From being a patient herself, Hayley knows the hospital in and out and hopes to be a nurse here one day! She loves making patients feel happy and cared for, and loves being a volunteer. 

Meet Jeannie  

When Jeannie’s daughter was born, it was determined she needed a high level of care, and Jeannie knew where she should go. Jennie sent her daughter with Valley Children’s doctors for an 8-hour surgery which ultimately saved her life. The level of care Jeannie and her daughter received impacted Jeannie, and she knew she wanted to give back. So, she now volunteers in the Valley Children’s NICU as a cuddler, cuddling babies who remind her of her own.   

Meet Keira 

Former patient and Patient Pal Keira has dreams of being a nurse and loves being able to learn how to help our patients with various activities, including arts and crafts projects and more to entertain patients in their rooms and our George’s Clubhouse, a room dedicated to play with the Child Life team! Being able to be with patients and provide support in making their stay better is why Keira enjoys volunteering, and she can’t wait to be walking the halls with her nurse's badge one day.  


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