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Adult Transition Clinic

The Valley Children’s Adult Transition Clinic collaborates with specialties within Valley Children’s to identify patients 17 years and older who have medically complex conditions and are transitioning into the world of adult healthcare. As patients continue to see their Valley Children’s specialist or pediatrician, the Adult Transition Clinic offers guidance to patients and their families as they prepare to take over their healthcare needs as an adult.

A multidisciplinary care team, including a dual-certified internal medicine/pediatrics physician and a specially trained licensed clinical social worker, provides each patient with a comprehensive assessment, ultimately creating a Transition Road Map. Utilizing this structured set of goals, the clinic follows patients over time until those goals are met, regardless of their age.


Frequently Asked Questions about Transition of Care

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While each person’s healthcare experience looks different, we have goals for each patient:

  • To connect patients and families to adult healthcare and make sure you’re familiar with your doctor and the role they play in your health.
  • To help you make decisions to take care of all areas of your life, including your physician and mental health.

We talk to you about your relationships, and the importance of making life goals and building a life plan that is designed especially for you to ensure you are getting the right care and services.

Adult healthcare works differently than healthcare for kids. For example, adult healthcare will require you to see different doctors at different offices. As an adult, you will need to learn to make and keep track of your appointments. It is important to ask your doctors questions about your health, medications, tests and lab results. Additionally, adult healthcare expects you to know your medications, how to fill your prescriptions and understand what your insurance covers.

The Adult Transition Clinic will guide you on how to connect to adult doctors for primary and specialty care, and stay in control of your own healthcare journey.