Healthy Kids. Healthy Futures. is a partnership of Valley Children's and Fresno State focusing on the health and well-being of kids in the Central Valley to help secure the future of the community for generations to come. It is a community health initiative emphasizing the importance of a child's entire physical and mental well-being in playing a vital role in keeping kids healthy. 

Mental Health

Mental health tops the list of worries parents have about their children. You don't have to be an expert to talk to your kids and teens about mental health. Make the time ot listen and engage with them. Watch the video to learn more about the signs of anxiety and depression to look for ways to start a conversation today.


Tips for Talking to Your Teen About Mental Health

Understanding mental health can be challenging for kids, and talking about mental health with kids can be particularly challenging for parents. The following are tips on how to start and continue the conversation about mental health with your child.

When talking to your teens:

  • Focus on listening to what they have to say, regardless of how you might feel about the matter.
  • Respond with empathy and validation while expressing calm and reassurance. A child's stress is just as real as our own and a sense of belonging and acceptance is at the center of their world, so reaffirm their feelings, especially those about friends and partners. 
  • Avoid judgement and personal opinions or lectures that could cause your child to feel defensive.
  • Remind them how much they matter and how much you love them.
  • Let your teen know they are not alone in experiencing sadness or emotional distress – bad times won’t last forever. Reassure them that "it's okay not to be okay" because everyone has rough patches. What is important is that they seek the support they need or find healthy coping skills to get through the tough times.



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