Patient Stories

Valley Children's is honored to provide care for children living in the Central Valley. We are continually inspired by our patients' courage, and invite you to read these real patient stories as reminders of the journeys of struggle, healing and hope that we encounter daily.

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Shawn and Adrianna's Story

Adopted separately at very young ages, Shawn and Adrianna were both born with spina bifida, a birth defect in which a baby’s spinal cord fails to... Read More

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Sariah's Story

Last November, 13-year-old Sariah underwent a hemispherotomy, a life-changing procedure where Valley Children’s neurosurgeons disconnected the... Read More
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Rafael's Story

A mother and child walking hand in hand down a hospital hallway is a common sight across Valley Children’s. The sight of mom Claribel and... Read More

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Mac's Story

At 37 weeks pregnant, Veronica woke up in labor at 4 a.m., then rushed to the hospital. A little more than an hour later, Mac was born. Mac had... Read More