Patient Stories

Valley Children's is honored to provide care for children living in the Central Valley. We are continually inspired by our patients' courage, and invite you to read these real patient stories as reminders of the journeys of struggle, healing and hope that we encounter daily.

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Mahria's Story

Born at 25.5 weeks gestation by emergency C-section, Mahria weighed just 1.6 pounds and was immediately transported to Valley Children's. After 81... Read More

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Connor's Story

Born at just 24.5 weeks gestation, Connor weighed 1 pound 13 ounces and was in need of specialized care to survive. "His outcome was uncertain,... Read More

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Bobby's Story

Bobby’s mom, a long-time Hanford resident, was 24 weeks pregnant with him when she began to experience some complications that required bed rest.... Read More

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David's Story

Approaching his 11th birthday, David was born prematurely on October 18 at 23 weeks gestation, weighing 1 pound 12 ounces. His mom went into... Read More

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Mac's Story

At 37 weeks pregnant, Veronica woke up in labor at 4 a.m., then rushed to the hospital. A little more than an hour later, Mac was born. Mac had... Read More

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Tyson's Story

Weighing less than an unopened soda can and one of the tiniest babies born in the world, Tyson Perez was fortunate just to survive. Going home from... Read More