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NICU Education

We offer a variety of classes to help you care for and bond with your baby while you are in the NICU. We also have classes to prepare you for your homecoming.

My Journey Home

This class will help teach you how to take care of your baby while he/she is in the NICU, and also prepare you to care for your baby at home. NICU nurses will answer questions and talk about baby care. They also will give you tips about how to keep your baby healthy and safe at home. In addition, you will learn about resources available after your baby leaves our NICU.


This class teaches the basic skills of CPR, how to relieve choking, and rescue breathing. The focus for parents and caregivers is mainly on skill demonstration. No CPR card will be given.

Feeding the Preterm Infant

An occupational therapist will teach the steps to good feeding habits and explain how parents can help their infant be successful. The therapist will offer special tips – such as positioning and pacing – that promote successful oral feeding. The class also will review gentle ways to wake a baby, and parents will learn to recognize when their infant needs oral motor support. Different types of nipples and bottles also will be discussed.

Infant Development

An occupational therapist will discuss gentle “playtime” activities that will help your baby strengthen head control and learn to use his/her arms and legs. The therapist also will review “Tummy Time” and answer any questions about your baby’s growth. Handouts that can be taken home also will be provided.

Car Seat Safety

This class helps you learn the most current child passenger safety laws, how to choose the right car seat for your baby or child, and provides car seat safety tips. It also includes information about local resources and fitting stations.

Preemie Talk

This class will give you information about how your baby communicates before he/she can speak. The class is valuable for families because babies born early can have speech, language and learning disabilities. We also will show you how to stimulate your baby’s communication skills.

Safer Sleep for Your Baby

Valley Children’s Healthcare and the Guilds Center for Community Health are committed to identifying solutions that will create safer sleep environments for infants. Click here for more information, videos and downloadable content ready for sharing.