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Pregnancy After Miscarriage or Prior Pregnancy Loss

The Maternal Fetal Center offers encouragement, education and hope.

We value the sanctity of life and empathize with women who miscarried or lost a baby through stillbirth. We understand you have emotional needs as well as medical concerns. Therefore, in addition to offering preconception counseling and testing, the Maternal Fetal Center also offers a support group to help you through the grieving process.

The Maternal Fetal Center cares for you with kindness, dignity and respect.

If you have suffered from multiple miscarriages, we gently support you and provide specialized medical services to meet your deep needs. The Maternal Fetal Center offers individualized consultation, testing and treatment before you conceive again to learn the reasons for your prior pregnancy loss and help prevent it from happening again.

We understand your desire to have a baby and will do all we can to help you.

Our goal is to identify possible genetic links and explore options to keep you from passing on a genetic trait, so that we can help you prepare for a healthy pregnancy. 

After you conceive, our maternal-fetal medicine specialists can co-manage your high-risk pregnancy with your obstetrician or family practitioner to keep a close eye on your health and your baby’s development.