Genetic Counseling     

Don’t wait until you’re pregnant to visit the Maternal Fetal Center.

Planning a pregnancy always involves expectation—from gearing up for the inevitable morning sickness to anticipating the moment you cuddle your little bundle of joy for the first time. Planning a pregnancy with potential complications can add apprehension to expectation. Our Maternal Fetal Center can ease your fear of the unknown with genetic counseling and testing.

If you have pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, or if a pregnancy would be considered high-risk due to genetic conditions in your family background, our board-certified maternal-fetal medicine specialists and geneticists can help you gain a better understanding of the potential risks you and your baby may face, and in some cases, offer measures to avert these risks.

Our preconception counseling services provide an opportunity for you to discuss concerns that may put a pregnancy at risk.

You will have an opportunity to meet one-on-one with a  maternal-fetal medicine specialist or geneticist trained to evaluate a potential pregnancy for risk factors related to genetic conditions and other family history concerns. 

Education provided with our genetic testing services gives you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about conceiving and carrying a child to full-term.