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Genetic Counseling     

We are a designated prenatal diagnostic center for the California Prenatal Screening Program with the ability to perform appropriate screening tests and follow-up services such as genetic counseling.

Our goal is to identify possible genetic links and explore options to keep you from passing on a genetic trait, so that we can help you prepare for a healthy pregnancy. 

You will have an opportunity to meet one-on-one with our board-certified genetic counselors trained to evaluate your medical and family history to find out if there is an increased chance for birth defects or other risk factors. They can explain benefits and risks of testing options, and make sure to personally review test results with you.

Education provided with our genetic testing services gives you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about conceiving and carrying a child to full-term.

Meet Our Genetic Counselors

Chloe Dugger, MS, LCGC
Hafsah Jamil, MS, LGC
Jamy Hathcoat, MS, LCGC
Jason Carmichael, MS, LCGC
Kady Murphy, MS, LCGC
Kaylee Ruiz, MS, LGC
Rebecca Freeman, MS, LCGC