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Pediatric Surgery Patient Stories

Restoring Hope and Healing: A One-in-a-Million Condition

Selena Norwood was having an ordinary day when she brought her 10-month-old daughter, Eva, to the pediatrician for an ear infection. But everything changed when the pediatrician noticed the baby showed signs of precocious puberty with advanced development of her external female anatomy. She immediately referred the family to Valley Children’s, where diagnostic testing revealed a tumor in little Eva’s adrenal glands. Valley Children’s pediatric specialists from endocrinology, oncology and pediatric surgery collaborated to develop a comprehensive treatment plan for the toddler. Read her story >>

Darsy Chooses Only One Place to Repair Her Kids’ Gastroschisis

Darsy Caballero utilizes our maternal-fetal and pediatric services for both of her children who were born with gastroschisis. Initially frightened by the first diagnosis, the next time she heard the same diagnosis three years later, she knew where she wanted to go for high-quality, compassionate care: Valley Children’s. Read her story >>