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Dr. Pritha DewanjeePritha Dewanjee, DO

Carlsbad, CA

About Me:
I entered medicine when I saw the inequalities in access to healthcare. I knew I had to go into pediatrics when I felt a need to advocate for the children I saw during my rotations in medical school. I also loved the ripple effect of pediatrics where I could inspire change in whole families by treating a single child. 

What I love about Valley Children’s: 
I love the grassroots origins of the hospital, the wide breadth of our patient population and our awesome mascot, George the giraffe! 

Trying new cuisines, traveling, learning largely useless trivia 

Advocacy, Interests and Research Accomplishments:
I’m interested in community medicine, immigrant health, LGBTQ+ health...basically if I can help improve someone’s access to healthcare or experiences with healthcare, I’m all in. Before I decided to pursue pediatrics, I researched how strokes in older adults impacted motor function.