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Dr. Mitchell PlatterMitchell Platter, DO

Sacramento, CA

About me:
I grew up in Sacramento, before going to UCLA, where I earned my undergraduate degree in psychobiology. After college, I worked as a scribe in an emergency department in Sacramento for two years, which is when I learned I wanted to be a pediatrician. I went to medical school at Touro University of California, during which I did a subinternship at Valley Children's Hospital during my fourth year. My wife and I both loved the program, and we ended up couples matching here the following year. We currently live in north Fresno with our cat Josie.

Why I chose Valley Children’s Pediatric Residency Program:
Valley Children's had exactly what I was looking for in a residency program: a freestanding children’s hospital with all the resources and specialists you could imagine with the attitude and feel of a smaller program. No one rides their high horse to work here, everyone is here to help the kids of the Valley and to make Valley Children's one of the best places to work. Additionally, Valley Children's has such a huge influence on Fresno, and any time you tell someone in the community you work at Valley Children's Hospital, that person will have some sort of personal connection to the hospital. I’ve had a lot of jobs during my life, and Valley Children's is by far my favorite place I have ever worked.

Golfing, hiking, backpacking, running, gardening, soccer, fantasy baseball, trying to go to every brewery in California, playing video games and hanging out with my wife Lindsay and our cat!