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Maryam Hockley, MD, MPH

Maryam Hockley, MD, MPHWhy did you choose Valley Children’s Pediatric Residency Program?
I was drawn to the large patient population of California's Central Valley and wanted to be part of helping meet their medical needs. Combined with a passion for public health, I appreciated the opportunities available to me in this community and wanted to work with others who shared that energy and enthusiasm. Additionally, for those of us who live life outdoors, the location and proximity to national wilderness isn't bad either!

Hiking, walking, exploring outdoors, coffee drinking, Bob Ross-watching, dessert eating, animal petting

Advocacy and/or Research Accomplishments:
My advocacy interests include due process rights, surprise and balance billing, appropriation of funds to graduate medical education, penalties for assault on healthcare workers, CPR and First Aid training requirements for all residential home employees, and non-retaliation policies for healthcare institutions employed by third-party contractors. My passions also include public health and underprivileged care and I have performed many community needs assessments in my home counties to better understand an individual's various barriers to care.

My previous research projects have included gene discovery in a hereditary spastic paraplegic manifestation of cerebral palsy, helping develop and administer an innovative provider overdose education and Naloxone distribution training program, as well as bench research to identify differentially expressed genes as biomarkers for diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome. I have also co-authored a published article on recognizing signs and knowing intervention strategies to mitigate human trafficking as a healthcare provider.

Care Philosophy:
My care philosophy centers around equity and justice. Above all, I want my patients to know me as their ally and advocate, standing beside them on their road to health, from all walks of life, backgrounds, and circumstances. I believe in creating a culture that celebrates the unique perspectives that differences of experience and understanding brings to the conversation, and will utilize this diversity to provide the best possible personalized care to my physician-patient relationships.