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Dr. Karen WongKaren Wong, MD

Oakland, CA

About Me:
I studied neurobiology and French at the University of California, Irvine. As an undergrad, I also studied abroad in Queensland, Australia, for a semester learning about marine biology and terrestrial ecology. I even got to go to the outback and help dig up dinosaur bones! After graduation, I spent a few years working as a pediatric cardiology scribe, driving a "school bus" for a doggy daycare and interning at the Newport Beach Film Festival in the Social Media department. I went on to receive my medical degree from the University of Central Florida College of Medicine and am super stoked to continue my training in my home state at Valley Children's!

Why I chose Valley Children’s: 
I chose Valley Children's because of the huge area the network covers, allowing underserved families of Central California to receive medical care close to home, instead of having to make the trek all the way to Northern or Southern California. By working at Valley Children's, I will have the honor to serve those who have limited access to healthcare simply based on their location and/or financial status. The residency program also places a heavy emphasis on advocacy, which means I will have multiple opportunities to give back to the community with the help of a strong support team.

Outside of the hospital, I enjoying roughing it in the outdoors with my two dogs. We love to go hiking, camping, playing on the beach, kayaking and basically anything that involves dirt or mud! I also go rock climbing or figure skating when I have the chance. One of my lesser known interests is my love for reptiles and other exotic animals. I am a proud momma of several snakes, tarantulas, geckos, fish and one cute little tortoise! I also heard there's a tarantula migration that occurs each year in Central California, so don't be surprised if you see me laying on the sidewalk trying to take photos of my favourite fuzzy creature!

Advocacy, Interests and Research Accomplishments:
I am very interested in advocating for healthy food options and teaching the community how to eat for a better lifestyle. In the battle against type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity in today's youth population, I would love to have the opportunity to show families different strategies to reduce unhealthy foods from their diet and incorporate healthier options in a way that is fun for both parents and children! Most of my research accomplishments have been ecology related, but I am interested in doing research either in neonatology, pediatric hospice/palliative care, or ethics of medicine.