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For Dr. Jessica Vaughn, a Love for Teaching Stems from a Love of Learning

Dr. Jessica VaughnIn 2017, Dr. Jessica Vaughn spent time rotating at Valley Children’s. During this time, it was clear to the Houston, Texas native that she wanted to continue her medical journey at Valley Children’s.

“I fell in love with the hospital, the patient population, the pathology and the overall culture of this institution,” explains Dr. Vaughn. “It was very clear that the residency program was striving for inclusivity, a rich learning environment and an approach to education that was centered on wellness and adaptability. I also couldn’t help but notice the group of strong intelligent women who made it all possible and became my mentors, setting an example by creating opportunities and lifting others up.”

Dr. Vaughn’s passion for giving back, however, didn’t start at Valley Children’s. She has always prioritized recognizing and creating opportunities for others to share in her love of learning.

“I started a program in central New Jersey where I organized volunteer scientists to spend time in the classroom with middle school students sharing basic scientific concepts through the use of hands-on experiments, games and activities,” says Dr. Vaughn. “It was an effort to promote interest in STEM-related careers and it also energized the scientific community through outreach and service.”

In spring 2020, Dr. Vaughn will be one of 12 residents that make up the very first graduating class from Valley Children’s Pediatric Residency Program, affiliated with Stanford University School of Medicine. And already, she is doing amazing things. Dr. Vaughn is one of the first residents to be accepted into a fellowship program and beginning July 2020, she will join the neonatal intensive care program at the University of California, Davis.

“I am excited to enter into a new world of medicine that I am just beginning to know,” says Dr. Vaughn. “It’s another step through this journey, and I look forward to the new connections and new friendships it will bring.”