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Daniel Ebbs, DO, MS

San Jose, California

Medical School:
A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine

About Me:
I am an activist for human rights, of which I have lobbied through multiple state legislators and medical associations. I have a particular interest in the right to healthcare. I am a chief medical director for a non-profit I founded in 2011 ( that uses mHealth to train community health workers (CHWs) in Uganda, Peru, New Mexico and now Madera, California. I have a master’s degree in Community Health that I completed at the University of New Mexico. I am a paramedic and worked more than 10 years prior to medical school, including critical care flight in rural New Mexico. I assisted in opening the first rotor base to serve the Navajo Nation in New Mexico. I still teach in emergency services and am employed through the US Health and Human Services Disaster Medical Assistance Team in New Mexico. Lastly and most important, I am a father to two amazing sons, Jude and August, and a husband to the most wonderful wife in the world, Erika. Did I mention I have the best husky/shepherd mix you could imagine, Maggie!

Why did you choose Valley Children’s Pediatric Residency Program?
I initially applied only to emergency medicine residencies in addition to combined EM/PEDs. It wasn't until I interviewed at Valley Children’s that I switched directions. I remember leaving the interview and calling Erika: "I love it here! I think I am going to focus on pediatrics." From the people to the proximity to working with the underserved, I fell in the love with not only returning to the Central Valley and being around family, but being part of something that was going to make a huge difference in the lives of those with limited access to health resources.

The mountains! Backpacking, mountain biking, trail running, long distance running, climbing, etc. Brewing and baking bread.

Community Advocacy and Research:
My current advocacy work includes leading a health as a human right committee and working with MGY to develop advocacy training for the CHWs enrolled in our programs. My research interests and ongoing studies/posters/publications revolve around the use of innovating technological solutions to providing lifesaving tools for rural health workers. More specifically, how to increase retention with mobile health technology and how to organize sustainable community health programs with train the trainer methodologies. I am also very interested in the practicality of bedside ultrasound in rural and global health.