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Dr. Adrianna SosaAdrianna Sosa, DO

Sacramento, CA

About Me:
I am a Californian, born and raised! I feel most at home among the giant Sequoia trees or laying on a beach. In my spare time, I enjoy day trips with my partner, visiting my family and spending time with my pets. My passion for pediatrics was sparked even before medical school, while volunteering in a PICU. Children are my heart and I am so excited to begin serving the youth of our community.

What I love about Valley Children’s:
Valley Children's is a family, and this is something I wanted to be a part of from the moment I stepped foot in the hospital. I am blown away by how every team member works together in order to help and heal each patient.

Cooking, martial arts and playing the piano. I'm also trying to get back into hot yoga.

Advocacy, Interests and Research Accomplishments:
Patient education is my bread and butter. I believe that our patients are their own greatest healers and that we have the power to arm them with knowledge.