Billing and Patient Accounting

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Billing and Patient Accounting

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Understanding Your Bill

Your hospital or care bill will include the charges for all hospital services such as the costs for the hospital room, general care, laboratory tests, drugs, surgeries, X-rays and supplies. You will also receive separate bills for any services that your physician treatment team provides. These could include bills from your specialist, the radiologist and pathologist, among others.

On your behalf, the hospital will submit claims to private insurances, Medi-Cal, or other organizations that have deemed you eligible to receive health care benefits. Payment for all hospital services is the responsibility of the parent or guarantor. You may be asked for a deposit when your child is admitted or a copay at time of outpatient service. A satisfactory payment arrangement is necessary upon discharge from the hospital. Your obligation to supply and complete enrollment forms, proof of eligibility, applications for medical financial assistance, etc., are all part of a patient’s responsibility. Valley Children's makes every effort to make your financial information available to each physician’s billing office, but this is only a courtesy as you should contact each provider individually if you make any changes or corrections to your financial information. Valley Children's assumes no responsibility for updating billing information to physician providers.

Questions About Your Bill

Questions concerning your bill and any hospital charge are welcome. An admissions counselor is available weekdays to help you during your stay and will be happy to schedule time to discuss any issues. Please call extension 35150 or (559) 353-5150 from outside the hospital for information or to arrange an appointment. For billing questions after you have left the hospital, please call Patient Accounting at (559) 353-7009.