Valley Children’s to Host Conference Saturday For Childhood Cancer Survivors


Valley Children’s will host a conference Saturday for survivors of pediatric cancer, their families and local health professionals. The event, offered at no cost, will focus on helping survivors manage their health information on social media, navigate relationships and understand health insurance. This program is hosted by Valley Children’s Cancer and Blood Diseases Center and our Childhood Cancer Survivorship Program, in partnership with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

The same treatments that cure cancer patients may put children at risk for long-term health problems. About two-thirds of survivors will experience at least one late effect, including physical, emotional and social issues that may require ongoing medical support. One out of four suffers a more serious or life-threatening late effect, such as heart problems or a second cancer diagnosis.

Established in 2009, Valley Children’s Childhood Cancer Survivorship Program aims to promote healthy lifestyles in former cancer patients as they enter adulthood. It also advances research efforts to discover the most effective cancer treatments with the least amount of late effects on survivors.

Valley Children’s diagnoses nearly 150 new cases of pediatric cancer a year. The Hospital has one of the leading childhood cancer treatment centers on the West Coast and is the only provider of pediatric oncology services in the Central Valley. Since its creation, the Childhood Cancer Survivorship Program has served more than 700 childhood cancer survivors.

Click here for more information and to register.

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