By Giving a Little, You Can Change a Lot

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When a child is sick or injured, their families go looking for answers. They want lifesaving procedures performed by the most compassionate and skilled team of physicians, nurses and staff. They expect the best care.

At Valley Children’s, we always make sure this is possible. From the most advanced medical technology to developing top-notch pediatric specialty programs, we work to ensure the best care for the 1.3 million children living in our 12-counties and the thousands of children who come through our doors every year.

In 2018*, we had 114,452 visits to our Emergency Department, making us the busiest emergency department in California for patients under age 21. We also had 12,040 inpatient discharges and 288,080 outpatient visits. We work with each and every patient and family, promising to deliver safe, high-quality care for ill and injured children around the clock.

We meet this demand for the best care thanks to generous donations made to our Children’s Fund, a fund that has been able to support costs for everything from innovative technology to ensuring every child receives the best care, regardless of their ability to pay.

Every dollar donated to the Children’s Fund directly benefits Central Valley kids, helping them get better faster, and ultimately back to being a kid.

Today is Giving Tuesday. As you decide where your gift -- no matter the size -- will make the biggest impact in our community, consider investing in the health and wellbeing of local kids by donating to the Children’s Fund. We work each day to meet the needs of every ill and injured child who passes through our doors, regardless of their ability to pay.

Help us change a lot.

Click here to donate to the Children's Fund in honor of Giving Tuesday


*Data provided is from fiscal year 2018

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