ABCs to Safe Sleep for Your Baby

ABCs to Safe Sleep for Your Baby

Sudden infant death syndrome is most commonly known as SIDS. Babies between one and four months of age are most at risk, but SIDS deaths can occur anytime in the baby’s first year of life.

This devastating event can happen to any baby, even if they seem healthy. SIDS typically occurs during the time a baby is sleeping. Consider these ABCs to sleep safety and reduce the risks of your baby’s sleep environment:

  • Alone: Your baby should sleep alone, in a separate space for every sleep. This includes naps and nighttime. Anything in your child’s crib could pose a risk so be sure that keep all objects out of your baby’s sleep space.
  • Back: Your baby should always be put to sleep on their backs, never on their tummy or sides.
  • Crib: Your baby should be sleep in their own cribs or safety approved pack and plays and bassinets.
  • Smoking: Babies that are exposed to smoke either in the womb or after birth have a high risk of SIDS than infants that are not exposed.

In case of an emergency, immediately dial 9-1-1. For more information on infant safe sleeping, visit the Safe to Sleep website from the Department of Health and Human Services. Always consult with your pediatrician with concerns for your baby.

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