Nursing Students and New Graduates

New Graduate Registered Nurses Application Process

Valley Children’s Hospital encourages new graduated Registered Nursing students to apply to any open RN I position. All open positions are posted online and are updated frequently.

Valley Children’s Hospital provides an individualized new graduate training program specific to the unit in which they were hired. The level of acuity for each unit will determine the length of the orientation. This can range from two to four months.  The orientation period can be adjusted for each individual and may be extended or shortened depending on performance.

The optimal time for a student nurse to apply to an RN I position is no greater than two months prior to graduation.

Once an applicant applies online, a recruiter will review the application to ensure that the applicant meets the minimum qualifications. If the minimum requirements are met the recruiter will forward the application to the hiring manager or supervisor. If the applicant is selected for an interview they will be contacted by the appropriate manager or unit specific recruiter.

Although your application is reviewed usually within the first 24 hours, please allow a minimum of two weeks after submission of your application to be contacted for an interview. Some of the new graduate positions are very competitive and it can take up to two weeks for applicants to be selected for interviews.

New graduate RNs have been hired into the following units:  Rehab, Discovery, Apollo, Explorer, Voyager, Craycroft, Emergency, NICU, PICU and OR. 

New Graduate RN Benefits

Valley Children’s Hospital provides competitive salaries, healthcare coverage, retirement benefits and relocation allowances.

New graduate RNs are eligible to receive relocation assistance which is based on mileage. In order to receive a relocation allowance, individuals must live further than 100 miles from the hospital. The greater the distance determines the amount of relocations you will be awarded. The range of relocation for new graduate RNs is $1500 - $4500.

Pediatric Nurse Extern Program

Valley Children’s Hospital provides pediatric nurse extern opportunities for RN students who have completed a minimum of two semesters with one of the following RN programs: California State University-Fresno, Fresno City College, College of the Sequoias and Merced Junior College. The PNE program is a valuable learning experience that bridges classroom and clinical education with real life situations. As a PNE, you’ll receive one-on-one training with an experienced nursing preceptor and attend monthly PNE meetings to share common practices and discuss the unique challenges and obstacles involved with becoming a nurse.

PNE Study Details
PNE opportunities are available in several departments throughout the Hospital. Academic requirements for admission as a PNE are:

  1. Completion of the first year of your school’s nursing school.
  2. Be in good academic standing.
  3. Meet the Hospital’s health requirements.
  4. Achieve BLS certification.
  5. Be enrolled in a BRN approved work study program through an affiliated school.

There are two levels to Children’s Hospital’s PNE Program.

Level                                         RN Course Prerequisites
Pediatric Nurse Extern I        2 semesters
Pediatric Nurse Extern II       Pediatric course

PNE Duties
The Pediatric Nurse Extern will:

  • Observe and/or administer oral, parental, rectal, I.V. medications and blood under the direct supervision and observation by the preceptor RN. (Must have completed the Pediatric Nursing Course in order to “administer” medications and blood.)
  • Provide patient/family instruction so that learning needs are met.
  • Identify patient response to treatment and progress towards accomplishment of desired outcomes.
  • Assists with nursing intervention/procedures/activities of daily living appropriate to the developmental age and condition of the child.
  • Collect and assesses patient data within the scope of practice for various age groups.
  • Utilize acquired knowledge base in the provision of nursing care to patients/families.
  • Maintain the rights of the patient and family.
  • Adhere to the safety, confidentiality, security, ethical, legal and regulatory requirements identified within the organization.
  • Document care provided in a precise, timely and efficient manner.

Upon receiving their license, our participating PNEs receive additional credit towards their base rate of pay.