Quality Data      

Most Recent NICU Outcomes Data 

For babies with birthweight of 500-1,500 grams

In a comparative database of NICUs nationally, Valley Children’s ranks among the highest for severity of illness, yet we achieve better mortality and morbidity results.

Survival (Higher is better)                                                        

  • Valley Children’s: 95.4%
  • Best Quartile: 91.1%
  • Mean: 84.6%

Morbidity  (Lower is better)

  • Valley Children’s: 36.9%
  • Best Quartile: 40.0%
  • Mean: 52.3%

*Comparative 2014 data from the Vermont Oxford Network (VON) for Level III C NICUs, the Network’s highest level NICU. (Level III C NICU is equivalent to the Level IV recognized as the highest level NICU by the American Academy of Pediatrics.) VON is a non-profit collaboration of healthcare professionals dedicated to improving medical care for newborn infants and their families. Composed of more than 900 neonatal intensive care units worldwide, the Network maintains a database including information about the care and outcomes of high-risk newborn infants.

Our collaborative team of pediatric surgeons and physicians across a broad range of pediatric subspecialties coordinates with specially trained intensive care nurses and respiratory care practitioners to care for critically ill babies around the clock. 

As a Magnet-recognized organization for over a decade, Valley Children’s demonstrates ongoing excellence in nursing practice and quality patient care.