High-Risk Pregnancy Management     

We Care About the Two of You

Mother and baby should be mutually cared for, and the Maternal Fetal Center was fashioned with the two of you in mind. Specialized treatment tailored to your individual needs helps ensure your pregnancy results in the safest delivery and best outcomes.

A high-risk pregnancy may take you by surprise, but our maternal-fetal medicine specialists regularly confront the medical challenges you may face. They work in tandem with your obstetrician or family practitioner and birthing center to walk you through the unfamiliar turn of events. 

Your high-risk pregnancy deserves special attention.

Board-certified experts watch over your health and your baby’s wellbeing with advanced technologies and an unmatched level of care. From conducting routine tests to managing the most complex cases, our maternal-fetal medicine specialists work closely with you, your doctor and other caregivers to minimize medical complications during pregnancy.

In the event hospitalization becomes necessary prior to your anticipated due date, you will be admitted to the Saint Agnes Medical Center, Fresno antepartum unit (APU), to be monitored by our skilled team of maternal-fetal medicine specialists. In addition to taking care of you, they also care for your baby before and after birth, collaborating with other pediatric subspecialists as needed to monitor and treat your developing baby.

No matter what lies ahead, your family will not have to navigate the journey alone.

Established in 1952, Valley Children’s has become one of the largest pediatric healthcare networks in the nation. Our nonprofit, 356-bed, state-of-the-art facility on a 50-acre campus consistently strives to rank at the top of our peer group for clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

With a long history of providing excellent medical care for children, Valley Children’s opened the Maternal Fetal Center in 2010. No other program in Central California can provide the depth and breadth of services available to both you and your baby through our Maternal Fetal Center.

We’re here to help your doctor provide a higher level of care for you and your baby.