iPad Full Instructions

  1. From the App Store download and install the F5 Edge Client.
  2. Use the following settings for the F5 Edge Client
    • Description=CHCC
    • Server=view.valleychildrens.org
    • Turn ON Web Login
  3. From the App Store download and install the VMware Horizon View Client.
  4. To configure the connection:
    • Tap the Servers icon at the bottom center
    • Then tap “New” at the right corner of the screen.
    • Choose this and type the following: vdi.valleychildrens.org
    • Login with username and password when prompted.
    • Launch a desktop.
  5. Go to Settings
    • On the left column locate Horizon
    • Tap on the icon
    • At the top of the Right column locate Certificate checking mode (the first field)
    • Tap the selection area in the field.
    • Choose “Do not verify server identity”
  6. Select the “Home Button”
  7. Connect the F5
  8. Once connected, select the “Home Button” and launch the VMware View Client you downloaded earlier.