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Gastroenterology Patient Stories

When Living Normally is Winning: Tackling Severe Digestive Disorders

Braden Plaa was 14 years old and near death when he arrived at Valley Children’s in 2013. Dr. Clifton Huang, a Valley Children’s gastroenterologist, diagnosed Braden with Crohn’s disease, a severe inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Under Dr. Huang’s leadership, Valley Children’s offers a specialized pediatric clinic for Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, another form of IBD. A medical and counseling team monitors these devastating illnesses, providing state-of-the-art treatment ranging from immuno-suppression drugs to diet options. Read Braden's story>>

Skilled, Loving Hands Provide 'Amazing' Care for Baby Jaxson

Ten-month-old Jaxson Bermele had a problem affecting his liver, a vital organ. The problem was so serious that without treatment, his liver could have failed. Invasive surgery was an option, but that would have required permanently removing a common bile duct, which can be a complicated procedure. But luckily for Jaxson and his family, Valley Children’s own Dr. Roberto Gugig is the only doctor in central California – and among the few in the state – certified to perform a remarkable procedure that fixes serious digestive problems without subjecting children to major surgery. Read Jaxson's story >>